Live Crete Alive daytrips

Day trip 1: Sunday

Since the Cretans are still very religious, I would like to introduce you to their Sunday service by making a day trip on Sunday where we will experience this faith and more sunday-activities together with the Cretans.

A Greek Orthodox Sunday service takes two and a half to three hours, fortunately the Cretans do not follow this service from the very beginning, about half an hour before the end of the service most Cretans go to church and we will do this during this day trip do it too. This is followed by a coffee break where we are served Greek coffee or a fresh orange juice.

Sunday is also a culture day so why not visit a museum that shows us the life of a famous Cretan and his works of course.

Then we roll up our sleeves and we make a small icon or a mosaic piece that we can of course take home.

After this hour of creativity, lunch with a view over the sea will follow and whoever wants to, can also take a refreshing dive.

Day trip 2: Good morning tavli

A good morning starts with a good coffee, a Greek coffee and as the Cretans zipp their coffee for hours and play a game of tavli, let us do that too today.

After playing we will make a walk through the village and visit Minas the Koudounas who will show us his craft, of which there are only 2 left all over Crete.

Then we leave the village to visit Stavros and his wife, they will give us a very interesting tour in their nursery, after that we will also be served a delicious lunch that will be closed with a raki.


Going a few villages further we will make our last stop so that we can do our workshop there in a nature park where you can make your own tea with different Cretan herbs, taste it and take it home.

Day trip 3: Dance, dance, dance

Today we are going to stretch our legs the Cretan way!

Our hostess welcomes us on arrival and after a short introduction the action starts …

After about an hour of dance class we are dressed by the hostess.

After which we go for coffee or thee in the village.

After our break we go back to the dance studio to perform the learned dances in traditional costume and you’ll also get plenty of time to take photos in a typical Cretan setting.

Of all that dancing you will be hungry and it is Chrysanthi who will serve us delicious Cretan dishes, with a glass of wine.

The day is then closed with a raki and another of Chrysanthis’s delicacies.

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