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Eco trip Rethimnon

First of all we will go to Maria’s traditional Wood Oven Bakery where we can have a nice breakfast and taste all the delicious products she bakes.  And yes… some raki is always in order.

Secondly, we will visit Axos village where a resident, mr. George, makes spectacular huge wooden sculptures by using departed tree pieces from all over the island.  My favorite sculpture is the one of the half god Hercules who’s killing the lion of Nemea!  I have seen nearly the whole process and the end product is amazing!!


Our next stop is just fifteen minutes away from the wooden sculpture museum where you will have the unique experience of seeing an old and very friendly Cretan lady weaving and knitting and making threat out of sheep wol.  But before all this we will experience cretan hospitality with a shot of raki and the traditional cretan chees pie or kalitsouni.  Cretan elderly ladies are masters in tradition, so come closer to see how a wedding bread is made and believe me, you need a lot of different technics for this one.

Because Crete is still a very religious island we will also visit a monastery, the monastery of St. George of Discouri, it is considered one of the oldest monasteries of Crete and it was built as a small fortress at the last period of the venetian domination when a lot of monasteries were built like fortresses to give protection again attacks of the Ottomans.  At the monastery besides the central temple and the eminent picture of st. Georgios, there are the chambers of nuns and the marvellously decorated guest house, that you can visit as also the museum of the abbey.

Next, is the highlight of our Eco trip! We will go near the top of Psiloritis, the highest mountain of Crete. The mountain of Idi, also known as Psiloritis, unveils all the beauty of Crete under its snow-capped peaks. On these high lands, shepherds farm for a living and search for the real meaning of life in the simplicity and wisdom of nature.  Specifically we will go to a “Mitato” (the traditional shelter of a shepherd in the mountains) where we will meet Mr. Andreas, who will welcome us to his “home”. We will enjoy fresh local lamb, charcoaled in the oldest traditional way: “antikristo” under an old and very large oak tree, a  unique experience to remember!

After the delicious cretan shepherd meal we will drive down the mountain to go have a greek coffee in a cretan way,  playing the komboloy and sharing our impressions about this wonderful cretan day we had together.


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