Live Crete Alive came to life after having worked as a tour guide for more than 20 years. During these years I met many lovely people, some of them became and still are my friends. But because I worked with large groups and because I had more than 1 language / nationality in the coach, it was not obvious to get to know these people well.

My goal now is to create an online day trip office where I will take people (who speak the same language) on a trip to non-touristy places in Crete. These groups will have 4 to 8 people (that is all that fits in my mini van) and on these day trips they will come into contact with different Cretans and their daily life, their work, their passion.


What People Say about my trips

Nogmaals bedankt voor deze geslaagde dag.

Marc Denys

Je tip om te wandelen naar die ruïnes is geweldig. Mega wandeling met mooie vergezichten en een privé strand.

Jeroen Marijsse

Many thanks again for the trip- we really enjoyed your company! Xxx

Kim Biggs

Let’s discover Crete together.

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