A day in my life…

12 November 2018

Tomorrow is the first working day of my winter season, yes, I’m back in Belgium, I would have prefered staying in Crete because after a season of hard working I wanted to enjoy my house, the beautiful weather and my beautiful island and  I did for about one week, inbetween cleaning and preparing the house for winter.  But duty called so I had to leave.

On my way to Belgium I went for a 5 days stay in North Greece where I had a small 3-day relax mid-week with my partner in the village Angistro, there are hot water springs there, we stayed in the Hamam Hotel where we could relax in a hamam that was built in the 12th century, I also had a intesive massage and made every day a walk in the woods over there.

So now its Belgium time, I found a job and from tomorrow on I will be working again, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, quit relaxing after my 70 hour weeks in Crete.

Ofcourse being in Belgium doesn’t mean that I will forget Crete or you, my goal is to write every week a post about places, celebrations, traditions and many more about Crete.  So see you again next week!

16 October 2018

For over 20 years I have been walking the Samaria gorge and today at 6.30 in the morning I took off again to go the gorge but this time with a totally different feeling.

From today on I’m officially not allowed anymore to walk the gorge or anything near that because of a health (read knee) problem. So after informing my group about the gorge I had to leave them at Xiloskalos (the entrance).

I had a sad feeling having to leave them and knowing that I won’t walk this beautiful gorge anymore but with the help and understanding of my colleges I start turning this news in a change of life and mind.

So “thanks” to my “worn-out” knee I will have other experiences like being able to take a picture of my favorite tree and me! (some of my colleges are jealous now)

and I can also go back now to our favorite”lazy way Taverne Livikon”in Chora Sfakion, we’re I used to go with my colleges Sylvia and Cornelie when we did the Samaria Lazy Way excursion.

I have such a nice memories of this place and of some people who still work here, so my sadness is fading away and is making place for new experiences and old memories.

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