What tourists tell me

23 september 2018

The Samaria gorge is closed and I go with a group to the Lassithi plateau. This is great because I love this excursion and I have done it only once this year.

I have german and englisch speaking people in my bus and on our walk to the Kronios cave one of my guests comes to me and asks me if I know why the greek flag has the blue and white colors?  I know that there is no official reason for the use of these colors but most of the greeks explain these colors as the bleu for the sea and the sky and the white for the white houses on the greek islands, so this is what I tell him.  Now he tells me that that is not the real reason so I ask him where the use of these colors come from then and he tells me this:

Blue and white are the colors of Bavaria (Germany) and the first king of the Kingdom of Greece that was established in 1832 was from Bavaria, King Otto (Otto Friedrich Ludwig von Wittelsbach).  The guest says that King Otto wasn’t a very good king for Greece but that he was the one who decided that the colors of the Greek flag had to be blue and white as the colors of Bavaria.


I agree that king Otto was the first king of Modern Greece but that he gave the colors to the greek flag……… who knows. There are also other stories about this subject but no official ones, so lets just accept this story as another explanation.

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