The Crete international music festival

9 juli

The Crete international music festival.

3 groups of musicians from around the world in a program centering on the Cretan landscape.

1. Kiriakos Stavrianoudakis Voice and Laouto.
2. Μaria Manousaki quintet Kristjan Randalu Piano Estonia;
Panagiotis Andreou bass New York; Engin Gunaydin drums Turkey;
Tigran Sargsyan Duduk Armenia
3. Gonzalo Grau Piano voice Venezuela; Silvio Rodriguez
percussion Cuba; Panagiotis Andreou bass New York

The program starts at 9.30pm and takes place in the Open Theater Bethlehem Gate.

Entrance fee : 10€.

A day in my life

June 2019, I have never seen such a bad tourist june in the 27 years that I live and work here.

I worked only 1 day the last week but you know, it doesn’t really bother me. Last year I would have been in a very bad and anxious mood. But since I started doing yoga and meditation (I started last winter a yoga teacher course) I have a totally different look on life now.

So yesterday evening when I heard that I do not work again I decided to go to the beach, do a nice morning meditation sitting on the sand and go for a swim.

It’s like I’m on holidays and it really feels like holidays too. It’s like I’m having my first holidays in a real long time!


Yoga trip in Crete

I took advantage of my day off today to go with 2 friends on a trip to some beautiful quiet places to take you on a yoga trip.

Here’s what we came up with!

What about a morning meditation with this view when you open your eyes.

After the meditation we can drive or walk down to this beach,

do a yoga session and go for a swim in the crystal clear water here.

We let the sun dry our body or go for some exploring on the rocks and take afterwards a small trip to a cave with an interesting history and stunning views.

As time will have passed by I will bring you this lovely spot for lunch. Our lunch will be totally Greek and will also include vegetarian and vegan dishes.

After lunch we will be heading back and make a small break at another sandy beach to have an end of the day chat and meditation.