The Crete international music festival

9 juli The Crete international music festival. 3 groups of musicians from around the world in a program centering on the Cretan landscape. 1. Kiriakos Stavrianoudakis Voice and Laouto. 2. ╬ťaria Manousaki quintet Kristjan Randalu Piano Estonia; Panagiotis Andreou bass New York; Engin Gunaydin drums Turkey; Tigran Sargsyan Duduk Armenia 3. Gonzalo Grau Piano voice […]

A day in my life

June 2019, I have never seen such a bad tourist june in the 27 years that I live and work here. I worked only 1 day the last week but you know, it doesn’t really bother me. Last year I would have been in a very bad and anxious mood. But since I started doing […]

Yoga trip in Crete

I took advantage of my day off today to go with 2 friends on a trip to some beautiful quiet places to take you on a yoga trip. Here’s what we came up with! What about a morning meditation with this view when you open your eyes. After the meditation we can drive or walk […]