Where Zorbas and Xenophon meet…

Today the 2 cyclones Xenophon and Zorbas met each other in Crete, while a big storm was expected, these two just had an ancient greek flirt and left us with some beautiful white clouds! 😉


Samaria gorge

The mules in the Samaria gorge

A lot of people who come to Crete want to walk the famous Samaria gorge, but not everybody has the strength to walk 16km over rocks and stones and pebbles, starting at a hight of 1200 meter and walking down untill sea level.

That is why we have these mules here, they are empty today so it was a day without accidents or people that gave up.

Mules are a crossing of a horse and a donkey, they are very strong animals and they are trained on bringing people up or down the gorge.