Everything started here hundreds of years ago when fortifications were built on the island during the ancient Greek period. These fortifications were built to protect the port of the city Olous that was built during the Dorien occupation 500 – 69BC. During the Venetian occupation (1204 to 1669) the fortresses and fortifications that you can […]

Prinses Europe and the God Zeus

This strong bull is actually the transformed God Zeus and on his back sits the Princess Europe who holds the world and the symbol of peace in her hands. Around 4000 years ago these 2 made love under a plane tree in Gortyna Crete and gave birth to the famous king Minos, ruler of Crete […]

Gortyn’s olive tree

This olive tree probably saw the Romans build the tempel and odeon in the ancient city of Gortyna during the first century AD. But it also saw the city being destroyed by the Arabs in 828AD. After this destruction live was quiet around it, and then from the 19th century on escavations started in the […]